Revealed: All You Need to Know About Tofo Mozambique

tofo mozambique

Tofo Mozambique – Mozambique isn’t a state on the backpacker trail that is normal. It’s rumored to be hard and dangerous, but much such as the remainder of Africa, it’s prone to myth and misunderstood.

Before I went to Africa, and Mozambique specifically, folks told me to “be cautious”.

Why You Should Go to Tofo Mozambique

why you should go to tofo mozambique

Yet I came to find that once I got to Tofo Mozambique, the majority of what I heard was incorrect. Yes, it was hard to travel through, with long bus journeys and minivans that are overfilled. And yes, I needed to keep my wits about me because that’s consistently significant when you travel alone, but for the large part the shores were lovely, the piri piri seafood was delicious, as well as the reality that it’s not a tourist hotspot made it peaceful, also.

Tofo not only great for honeymoon, this area also great for Tofo Mozambique backpacker.

How to Get to Tofo Mozambique

how to get to tofo mozambique

Tofo Beach is in the Jangamo District of Inhambane Province, Mozambique. It is often described as “the next Goa”, and while this might be pushing it a bit, Tofo Mozambique has undoubtedly become a traveller’s focus on the Eastern shore of Africa. The reasons aren’t difficult to pick out: amazing expanses of beach, good Tofo Mozambique safety, a friendly laid back vibe, a modest but pumping nightlife, excellent diving and snorkeling and a number of eateries that are good.

Private Vehicles

Getting to Tofo Mozambique is a pitch road which leads through Inhambane town. The EN1 Is the highway linking Maputo to the remainder of Tofo Mozambique. Inhambane is approx 470 kms North of Maputo. The turn off to Inhambane is only following the town of Lindela. From the turnoff to the principal town is approx 38 kilometers, the road is narrow but not in bad condition. After in town, follow the signals to TOFO.


Local buses run daily to Inhambane from Maputo in the south and Beira in the north (leaving between 5:30am and 11:00am) at an estimated cost of ~800MZN . There are no actual schedules or costs to rely on. The bus from Maputo to Inhambane takes around 7-10 hours. The bus from Beira takes approximately 12 hours.

Local buses “Chapas” run many times a day from Inhambane to Tofo Mozambique. The journey takes around 30-45 minutes and prices 20MZN/pp. Cabs are always accessible at a negotiable rate of about 500MZN.

In the event that you arrive/depart from Maxixe, the ferry to and from inhambane is a nice 20minutes at 10MZN/pp.


There are daily flights to Tofo Mozambique airport on LAM from Johannesburg and Maputo, occasionally halting in Vilanculos. Examine the airline web site on

SUGGESTIONS: For Budget Traveller

The most economical means to get to tofo from maputo will be to use the yet oddly efficient and disorderly public transport. Find a “Chapa”, a fixed path minibus from your accommodation to the “Junta” Maputo’s bus station at around 6-7am.

Locate a bus going to Maxixe, pronounced Masheesh —> The ferry to Inhambane leaves right next to the bus stop when you jump out —>in Inhambane go to the “Mercado Central” to find one last chapa and arrive in heaven, Tofo.

Johannesburg to Tofo Mozambique

Inhambane to Tofo Mozambique

Tofo Mozambique Map

tofo mozambique map

Tofo Mozambique Weather Cyclone

tofo mozambique weather cyclone

Mozambique especially Tofo Mozambique has a tropical climate with two seasons, a wet season from October to March and a dry season from April to September. Climatic circumstances, however, change depending on elevation. Rain falls in the north and south and is significant along the shore. Yearly precipitation varies from 500 to 900 mm (19.7 to 35.4 in) depending on the area, with an average of 590 mm (23.2 in). Cyclones are typical during the wet season. Typical temperature ranges in Maputo are from 13 to 24 °C (55.4 to 75.2 °F) in July to 22 to 31 °C (71.6 to 87.8 °F) in February.

Be mindful on your own journey, ‘kay!

Things To Do in Tofo Mozambique

Note: most reviews here based on the reviews in TripAdvisor

You know, there are likewise a whole lot of fascinating and fun things that you can’t do everywhere else, particularly in a destination uncrowded as Tofo and affordable.

Tofo Mozambique Scuba Diving / Tofo Beach Whale Sharks

tofo mozambique scuba diving

Scuba diving is a way of underwater diving where the scuba diver uses a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (scuba) which is wholly independent of surface supply, to breathe underwater.

Contrary to other ways of diving, which depend either on breath-hold or on respiring furnished under pressure from the surface, scuba divers take their particular source of breathing gas, normally compressed air, enabling them greater freedom of movement than with an air line or diver’s umbilical and more submerged endurance than breath-hold.

You can select professional dive service and some pleasure in Tofo. This really is TOP 4 of them.

Peri-Peri Divers

peri peri divers

Owners Steve and Nick join their 15 years of local expertise as well as excitement scuba diving the pristine reefs of Tofo Beach, to offer a bespoke variety of diving experiences including: Ocean Safaris, PADI Training Classes and Dive Packages in association using several the best lodging choices in Tofo Beach.

Peri-Peri supplies a personalized dive service which matches the bigger more commercial businesses by taking smaller groups of divers to learn more about the world renowned dive sites of Tofo beach.

Peri-Peri was began in the hope of keeping diving more personalized and enjoyment joining favorable approaches of and a friendly setting course grins to generate amazing diving experiences for all.

Peri-Peri are proud to declare a “VERI VERI” exciting, new & EXCLUSIVE cooperation together with the marine megafauna organization. Join our world famous scientists, Dr Andrea Marshall, “BBC’S Queen of the Mantas”, and Dr “Awesome” Simon Pierce, the “Whale Shark Whisperer”, on day-to-day excursions seeing tofo’s well-known diving and Whale Shark areas. DIVING, SCIENCE and INFO an excellent mix.

Peri-Peri Divers’s latest review:

We dived with Peuld actually advocate them.

The staff were super interesting, friendly and helpful, but in addition quite professional. The gear was well kept as well as the dives were excellent. I did my Adventure Diver qualification with them which went extremely easily.

Thanks a lot!

Pete and Frances

Tofo Scuba

tofo scuba

Tofo Mozambique longest running Dive center. Tofo Scuba is the sole dive center in Tofo Mozambique situated right on the shore, Tofo Scuba are 30 meters from the ocean.

Tofo Mozambique has regal whale sharks to astounding macro life like Sea Moths, Frog Fish and Sea horses & some of the world’s finest diving, from meetings with Giant Mantas. In Tofo Mozambique we’re fortunate to have these amazing creatures throughout the year.

Along with day-to-day diving day-to-day “Ocean Safaris” runs for our non divers to find the astonishing whale sharks. The Ocean Safari boats of Tofo Scuba frequently fall upon other sea life including Dolphins, Manta Rays and turtles.

From the exhilarating shore starts to every meeting with our ocean giants, we understand you’ll have a safe, thrilling and exciting experience diving with us. Tofo Scuba have all you should make your dive vacation as relaxing and pleasurable as possible.

The latest review of Tofo Scuba:

We dived in April 2017 at Tofo Scuba for 4 days, they organized every one of the diving in addition to lodging and airport pick-ups for us and everything went absolutely!

Super nicely arranged, and with well-maintained boats and kit (we did one trip out on a boat from a different facility there and the state wasn’t almost as great).

In addition, should you be traveling from the UK you may find taking a supply of chocolate (especially Minstrels) will get you some fine Tofo Scuba buddies and gifts 🙂


Diversity Scuba

diversity scuba

Diversity Scuba is a PADI 5 Star CDC and the longest running scuba dive centre in Tofo Mozambique.

Predicated on the lovely Tofo Beach in Inhambane Province, Mozambique, Diversity Scuba are assured can offer their customers a number of the very spectacular scuba diving in the Indian Ocean.

Come and dive with Humpback whales, rays and turtles, the iconic manta rays, sharks and more, the very best diving in Tofo Mozambique.

Our coral reefs are abundant with marine life. We’ve one of the peak Whale Shark people on earth, with all-year round sightings with the greatest possibility of seeing these wonderful creatures throughout the summer months (November to April/May).

Throughout the Winter months (May to October), large quantities of Humpback Whales migrate along the shoreline and come quite close to land in the Tofo place. Every year the Humpback whale population is growing and we’re fortunate to be seeing more and more of these incredible creatures on scuba in season.

The latest review of diversity Scuba:

Diversity is among the very remarkable – if not the top – dive centers I’ve run into.

The set up is extremely professional, the staff helpful, as well as the service and consideration to security first rate.

That is an encouragingly high percentage of local dive masters with in-depth knowledge, as well as the ratio to staff and divers on the majority of my dives was mainly 1:2, diving in small groups of 4-6.. Dive centers change upon the world, but this one reeks of obligation, a sense of community among staff, as well as a dedication to quality that translates into a first rate experience for the visiting diver.


Liquid Dive Adventures

liquid dive adventures

Liquid Dive Adventures is a household run PADI 5 Star IDC Center that provides dive training in smallish groups and personalized dives.

We’re a PADI Green Star Award Dive Centre. The PADI Green Star Award TM is about excellence, rewarding eyesight and also the pursuit of conservation. Liquid Dive Adventures is the first dive center in Tofo Mozambique to reach the PADI Green Star standing.

As a 100 % CONSCIOUS partner Liquid Dive Adventures ensures that all diving activities are conducted in a way that’s environmentally friendly, thereby bringing to saving and protecting the surroundings that is submerged. Liquid Dive Adventures is also the very first Shark Guardian dive centre in Africa which means we’re ordering demonstrations about sharks and ways to help these species that is tremendously misunderstood to live.

We’re found in the center of Tofo Mozambique hamlet, rock’s throw away from the shore. We’ve our own 3 meter deep training pool with stunning view over the mangrove lagoon.

The latest review of Liquid Dive Adventures:

Best choice I’ve made when I Have decided on Liquid Dive Adventures for my dive master class! They were friendly and so pleasant from the very start when we began speaking through emails and when I arrived not knowing anything or anyone around Tofo they welcomed me like family.

My 3 most amaazing months there have been spent by me where I have learnt and experienced as a dive master trainee or as a man more even than I could have ever imagined! I recall on my first day of launching the boat over the waves I was sooo frightened and was hanging on to the boat so tough that I ‘d irritated muscles at the close of the day, but then it got better and better each day and now I need to say that’s my favourite portion of the dive.. It’s similar to a free ride on a roller coaster woohoo 🙂

I shielded by my new Liquid family and felt inspired which I understood I become a dive master, which I could never picture myself being effective at doing and may do this.

I have had some of my coolest dives there with really professional and wonderful instructors and dive masters. Particular thanks to the coolest children at Liquid/town, Aaron, Henrik and Junior who’ve helped me getting cleared of the fear of taking the mask off underwater!!!!

Their wonderful crew and Happi eatery as well as additionally huge thanks to the most amaazing captains for the food that is yummy. Superb helpful men as I’ve and never regarded as pleasant, consistently joyful with huge grins on been fortunate to get at Liquid! My appreaciation will follow you.

Thank you much for welcoming me, instructing me, inspiring me, feeding me with the tasty and wholesome food from Happi and for being part of my experience that is awesome!

I came home happy for having an additional family at Liquid, thankfull for all your support and love and super proud of myself of becoming a Dive Master and getting to know you!!!

Oceans of huge waves and hugs of love for my Liquid family!

Reka L

Snorkeling with Whale Sharks Mozambique

snorkeling with whale sharks

Snorkeling is the custom of swimming on or through a body of water while equipped swimfins, and generally with a diving mask, a molded respiration tube called a snorkel. In waters that are cooler, a wetsuit might also be worn. Use of the gear permits the snorkeler to detect underwater attractions for prolonged periods with comparatively little effort and to respire while face-down at the surface.

It’s possible for you to select between both of these experiences that satisfies your need. However , I suggest you try both of it.

You ought to bank on to the top 4 dive services above so that you can completely appreciate your travelling experience!

Best Time to See Whale Sharks and to Dive in Mozambique

best time to see whale sharks

This endangered species is the biggest living fish on the planet and known to reach lengths in excess of 14 metres (46 feet plus). Up close you can see of switching columns of white spots on a dark backdrop as well as long ridges, thin white vertical bars on the upper side of the body markings.

The Whale Shark is a fantastic creature to watch carefully and you don’t even should be a competent diver. They are fairly benign and have peaceful natures.

In Tofo it is simple to locate them swimming between February and September. Do not left behind!

Tofo Mozambique Surf

tofo mozambique surf

Come and learn to surf within our superb comfortable, friendly and seasoned surf school. We’ve got a sizable variety of Surf Boards and Body Boards, for rent and for sale, ranging between 5′ 9 and 10 ‘2.

Surfing in Tofo bay is unlike any other, its clear waters that are lovely, cracking Humpback wales and waves praying and playing in the space will leave you with a surfing experience you won’t ever forget!

Once it was about head high, lefts and rights, its quite mellow, surfed it. It’s a coral reef, although can msitake it for a beachie. Larger than encompassing shore breaks. Attempt here for cleaner waves when Tofinho is onshore. Be careful for sharks bru!

And yeah… this is the most recent review on Tofo Mozambique Surf Shack (most recommended service):

The surf shack in Tofo Mozambique has a great array of planks for rent. Foamies, short boards, long boards and fun boards. And not only those junky NSP boards like real adequate boards, most stores.

Boards are in very good condition also. Arjen the owner is friendly and super helpful as are all the staff like Michelle and Minnie.

Talia F

Like Tofo, Bora Bora definitely is a MUST visit destination!

Tofo Mozambique Hotels / Accomodation Honeymoon

When you want resorts or bungalows to remain in Tofo, please select among these choice:

Baia Sonambula Guest House

baia sonambula guest house

When it’s to observe the Humpback Whales from your private deck, take that greatest dive vacation or an intimate break, we make sure that your comfort is our priority. Each room carries the subtle munificent boutique allure of French divine guesthouses.

Believe fresh blooms, smooth rock floorings cool slabs of wooden furniture, crisp white linen, comfy reading room, white washed walls, big double showers, underfoot and big bay windows proffering never-ending sea views.

Luxurious king sized beds and carved wooden and rattan furniture with big 50’s design overhead ceiling fans are the primary focus of the huge bedrooms, laced with French accents and European toilet appointments overflowing with chubby batik print pillows.

A stay in bungalow rooms or the Honeymoon suite expands sophistication outside on a private wooden deck that sees the essence of Tofo Beach, from the ocean dawn each morning to the colourful star-studded skyline each night.

Lush gardens and peaceful wooden sundecks with a central kitchen as well as linen awnings where parched great smells waft infinitely, round Baia Sonambula greatest shore harbor, transplanting the revived historic property back on the Southern African Beach map, right where it ought to be out.

The latest review of Baia Sonambula:

We stayed here in April and it’s most likely the finest in Tofo Mozambique. The rooms are tastefully decorated with attention to detail.

Every morning, fresh petals are scattered on the beds and there are sarongs, umbrella, hairdryer, filtered cold water in a clay urn and luxury toiletries in the bathroom that was very best ever!

The breakfasts were excellent with a big assortment to select from and something different each day besides the regular menu. Afternoon tea with delectable cake or muffins and freshly squeezed juice.

The staff were always available to assist. Fine touches like umbrellas and beach towels to be used on the shore and an outside shower as well as a bowl with blooms and water to clean your feet in. This really is a little guest house so that you’ve got quiet and privacy.

Lana A

Hotel Tofo Mar

hotel tofo mar

“Tofo Mar”, after now and “Marinhos” Tofo Mar the Resort has been for decades a benchmark destination in one of the very wonderful shores of the Indic Ocean. Its history is forever imprinted by the ending, of the last text of Tofo Mozambique Popular Republic’s Constitution, in the Hotel Tofo Mar.

The latest review of hotel Tofo Mar:

This really is most likely the most trendy resort in Tofo Mozambique – all clean white, polished cement floors, great place right on he beach and in the center of the (quite modest) hamlet. The staff are helpful and charming, if at times a little disoriented, as well as the rooms modern, clean and big. On which to set up computer etc., it may have been enhanced by a table in the room

The resort is absolutely comfy, as well as the eatery isn’t a good deal more comfy, although substantially more costly than other local places. However, the resort falls short on several degrees – most notably wifi, which was nonexistent for the majority of my 6 days (while the remaining portion of the hamlet was great). The aircon in my room (no. 5) was a somewhat battered thing which wasn’t completely successful and made loud rapping sounds during the nighttime. Perhaps other rooms do not have this issue.

The resort is not inexpensive, but you likely can not beat this area if you need a little fashion in an ideal location.


Corasiida Guest House

corasiida guest house

The Guesthouse caters for all tourists which are trying to find moderately priced, upmarket accommodation, beach side, in Tofo.

From the Guesthouse, you would have a breathtaking view of the whole of Tofo Beach with breath taking sunrises over the ocean and sunsets on the other side of the palm and mangrove trees.

The latest review of Corasiida Guest House:

Have stayed in Tofo Mozambique twice with my beloved wife, and every time was great. Great place, excellent hosts, away from the crowds.

Perfect in the event feel as a section of the wonderful shore, and you wish to take pleasure in the awesomeness of Tofo was booked simply for you. A stone throw away from the shore, and right beside a scuba center for all those looking to research a little more.

I trust you like your stay!


Casa do Mar

casa do mar

This high-end Guest House, CASA DO MAR, is possessed by Daphne & Jakkie Massyn.

They’re also the owners of a nearby vacation house, CASA JAKKIE. The guest house is situated on the main shore in Tofo appr. 20km from Inhambane, Tofo Mozambique.

Daphne & Jakkie were both in the banking industry for a number of years before they began their particular company in the motor trade that they ran for the previous 18 years. Jakkie additionally does fishing charters for guests in the guesthouse boat and is a keen fisherman.

MASTER JACK, the boat, is completely equipped for billfish and game. CASA DO MAR offers breathtaking views of the main shore up to Barra Point and is a three storey building on the main beach.

9 luxury ensuite bedrooms are offered by the Guest House. These bedrooms are all ensuite and air conditioned. The sundeck and swimming pool area offers guests the chance as well as seclusion to unwind and soak up the sun while listening to the ocean.

Enjoy a drink from the Guest House Bar overlooking the ocean where dolphins and whales are a regular sight.

Casa do the latest review of Mar:

My son, my brother and I went to Tofo Mozambique to charter Jakkie’s boat “Master Jack”. Me surprised from the beginning. From the friendly staff to the setting on the shore with superb view of shore and the ocean.

On numerous occasions while having dinner and breakfast I remarked to my brother and son that it does not get better than this, referring to eating great food accompanied with special view. Casa Do Mar’s two chef’s that constantly prepared our food to our liking constantly greeted us.

Jakkie is among the very enjoyable individuals that I’ve ever met, his own wife Daphne and Jackie went above and beyond to make our stay a memorable one. So much so that we’re already planning our next stay but with my entire family.

Getting fish on the boat of Jakkie was really a highlight, we had such a great time while getting fish. The knowledge of the sea of Jakkie is outstanding. This enterprise is certainly to be repeated, I’d like to get my daughters experience what we’ve experienced.

I can highly recommend Casa Do Mar to all who needs to go to with the Tofo place!


Tofo Mozambique Restaurants

You can not defeat against the powerfull mix between excellent area to travel with good food in the same area. These region are the hotspot of the eatery.

Branko’s Tofo Mozambique


Menu: Pizza, Seafood, Grill, Vegetarian Friendly

Time: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Great: Families Dining on a budget, with childer, Children, Local Cuisine

Address: Tofo Beach, Tofo Mozambique

Latest review:

Loved two diners at Branko’s whilst remaining in Tofo. Needs a little patience occasionally as the eatery is extremely popular. Regardless, owner and staff are quite lodging in seating everyone as fast and economically a possible. We’d various of the popular rocks choices; all well worth the possible delay to be seated.

Joost G

Tofo Tofo Mozambique

tofo tofo

Menu: African, Seafood

Time: Lunch, Dinner, Late Night

Great: Families Dining on a budget, with childer, Children, Local Cuisine, Big groups

Address: Tofo Mozambique

Latest review:

50 metres along the street have lately transferred. We returned for dinner as the menu looked interesting and went for a drink. The seats isn’t super comfy and is at seats but it provided great value for money and also the service was friendly. We enjoyed it so much we’d lunch another day.


Happi Tofo Mozambique


Menu: Vegetarian Friendly, Cafe, Vegan Alternatives

Time: Brunch, Breakfast, Lunch

Great: Families with kids, Dining Children, on a budget

Address: Coconut ave | Liquid Dive Ventures, Tofo Mozambique

Latest review:

Happi made my day everytime I ate there, while I am not vegetarian. The food is fresh and delicious, chef Emma composes original and creative recipes regular (yes the menu changes everyday, you can return and eat there eternally :)). As well as the desserts are really so great!

It’s found in the lovely rear court of their amazing crew as well as Liquid dive experiences. Do not hesitate to try it outside.


Simply because a destination known as well isn’t doesn’t mean it can’t be excellent. For those who own an opportunity take it to visit Tofo Mozambique, and come back and I would like to know the way that you were handled by it!

Do you have any similar experience? Please share with us...