57+ Incredible Tiny Houses You’ll Hardly Believe Are Real

Tiny HouseBe warned: This list might inspire you sell your home and downsize immediately.

Tiny house aren’t just about looking cute — they’re part of a growing movement that promotes sustainable living. Many designers have figured out innovative ways to make these tiny house amazingly well-equipped — and yeah, pretty adorable too.


1. Tiny House Designs Pop-Out Deck

tiny house designs

Spend every waking moment on Alpha Tiny Home’s fold-down porch. And the inside isn’t too shabby, either. A fully-equipped kitchen can whip up alfresco meals for warm summer nights.

2. Tiny House Design Pizza Paradise

tiny house design

Not only is the European bohemian style of the Gypsy Mermaid tiny house totally alluring (you have to see the exposed beams inside), but the kitchen even has a fireplace that can be used as a pizza oven. Genius.

3. Inside Tiny House Winter Wonderland

inside tiny houses

Watch the falling snow or turning leaves from the comfort of the Escape Vista tiny house. And “comfort” isn’t an understatement — a flatscreen TV pops up from the foot of the bed for cozy movie nights.

4. Small House Design Place For Pets

small house design

Animal lovers can get behind this 204-square-foot abode by Daystar Tiny Homes tiny house. It hosts three dogs plus the occasional foster pup with built-in kennels and collapsible food and water bowls.

5. Tiny House Interior Entertaining Space

tiny house interior

Go ahead and invite guests for an overnight stay at the Hikari Box Tiny House made by Shelter Wise. The two “bedrooms” can host more people than its mere 184 square feet implies. The large suite accommodates a luxuriously-wide queen bed, and the second loft fits a twin mattress (or a cozy reading nook if you’re so inclined).

6. Tiny House Designs And Floor Plans Shepherd’s Hut

tiny house designs and floor plans

Aspiring pioneers, take note. These adorable wooden wagons tiny house by Güte prove life on the frontier can be comfortable, after all. The custom layouts come with modular furniture, like a bunk bed equipped with a trundle or a fold-out desk for writing exploration journals.

7. Tiny House Design Plans Transformed Garage

tiny house design plans

The former carriage tiny house for California estate now features stand-alone living quarters available on Airbnb. Just prepare yourself for the wild yellow interior.

8. Tiny House Interior Design Ideas Shippable Digs

tiny house interior design ideas

Spontaneous travelers, add one more thing to your packing list. The POD-iDladla by Clara da Cruz Almeida folds up into a 24-square-meter mailable “box.” Once your package arrives, just pop up your home away from home.

9. Tiny House Decorating Ideas Rustic Farmhouse

tiny house decorating ideas

A visit to Music City doesn’t mean you have to stay in the city. Located just outside Nashville, Tennessee, this Airbnb listing offers Southern living on a small scale.

10. Tiny House Furniture Ideas Historic Cottage

tiny house furniture ideas

Look carefully or you’ll miss it. The tall hedge hides a charming 1920s cottage decorated by Todd Romano. The Naples, Florida, getaway captivates visitors every bit as much today as it did almost a century ago.

11. Tiny House Modern Design Spirit Shelter

tiny house modern design

Live with nature in a “emotional hideaway” by German architecture firm Allergutendinge. The 86-square-foot hut promises more amenities than a tent, but not much more than that.

12. Best Tiny House Designs Trailer To Treasure

best tiny house designs

A former trailer in Oregon received the full makeover treatment, with the owner adding both a shower and a kitchen to the teensy guest house. But the most useful addition has to be the removable 5-by-16-foot cedar deck well-suited for an alfresco cocktail hour.

13. Tiny House Bathroom Ideas Garden Cabin

tiny house bathroom ideas

Stay in this quaint vacation home and you’ll be treated to a gorgeous view of Seattle — and a private backyard occupied by chickens.

14. Tiny House Bed Ideas Bold Interior

tiny house bed ideas

Don’t rule out a strong color for a small space. The Indigo Tiny Home by Driftwood Homes USA proves brave design choices like navy cabinets and dark barn wood can pay off in a big way.

15. Design Tiny House Online Nantucket Boathouse

design tiny house online

Designer Gary McBournie decorated a wharf cottage that’s akin to living on a boat. When all of the windows are open to the salty breeze, you’ll feel ready to set sail on the open ocean.

16. Best Small House Designs In The World Mountaintop Hideway

best small house designs in the world

This quaint log cabin has already seen some recent Instagram fame, but the scenic bridge looks like it harkens back to a fairytale. Don’t worry, there’s been no troll sightings under at the Colorado Airbnb.

17. Small House Design Ideas Mushroom Dome

small house design ideas

Besides earning the number one spot in Airbnb, the “mushroom cap” boasts a cozy bedroom loft with a view of California redwoods via the geodesic window.

18. Tiny House Storage Ideas Storage Galore

tiny house storage ideas

Wind River Tiny Homes hid tons of sneaky spots in the Triton for the stuff you couldn’t downsize. Sure, there’s your basic staircase storage, but the clever layout includes something even bigger apartments don’t always have: a walk-in closet.

19. Tiny House Stair Ideas Shingled Cottage

tiny house stair ideas

Besides that too-cute purple trim, this Airbnb rental squeezes some quirky colors inside, too.

20. Design A Tiny House On Wheels Drifter’s Paradise

design a tiny house on wheels

An off-the-grid home, dubbed the Floatwing by the Portuguese firm Friday, is both the ideal home base for people who love water activities (swimming, fishing) or just find floaring supremely relaxing.

22. Copper Cottage

Circular cedar shingles, a delightful curved door and window, and cooper accents throughout this abode underscore a playful “lucky penny” theme that would probably be overkill in a bigger home.

23. Tiny Spa

This cabin by an English company called Tiny Wood Homes has an unusual finishing touch that brings an extra bit of comfort to the tiny house lifestyle — a petite, personal hot tub.

24. Rooftop Deck

Tiny Heirloom’s sleek design is a minimalist-inspired masterpiece with a genius rooftop balcony.

25. Copycats

Sporting a streamlined and decidedly masculine exterior, the 8-and-1/2-foot-by-20-foot tiny home features all the expected spaces: a living area, a full kitchen, one sleeping loft, and a compact bathroom. The owners are so proud, they decided to sell replicas of their own space.

26. Three Story Magic

The Asheville,North Carolina cottage (appropriately nicknamed the “Bird House”) is so narrow that it’s hard to believe there are three levels hiding inside.

27. Two Story Abode

It’s not often that one encounters a true two-story tiny home. The kitchen is one of its finest rooms in this one, called the Sebastarosa. Its fully equipped, and truly maximizes the most of its space.

28. Antique Materials

If you’re thinking this home has a refined and historic look to it, it makes sense: the materials used to make it date back 200 years.

29. Toxin Free Texas

Toxin free and salvaged materials were used to build these unique tiny homes in Texas, only120 square feet each.

30. Gingerbread House

Wesleyan Grove in Martha’s Vineyard is full of quaint gingerbread-style homes, bursting with color. Its come a long way since it was first established and is now a National Historic Landmark District.

31. The Matchbox

The Matchbox house was clearly named for its similar appereance to the object, and you can find it in a community strictly for tiny homes. The 140 square foot modern place is made of sustainable materials.

32. Unique Treehouse

This is clearly not your average treehouse. Apart of Camp Wandaweg, the three-story building includes tree swings and and a library, along with other cool surprises.

33. Tiny Hotel

It may not be five-star rated, but the Caravan is, in fact, a hotel — consisting of multiple tiny homes, like this one (the Skyline cabin). The unique space can sleep up to four people.

34. Corn Crib

The modern tiny home harkens back to a traditional American corn crib. Designed by Broadhurst Architects, it has everything you need in just 250 square feet.

35. 100 Years Old

This renovated, 100 year old cottage sits behind the Winchester Manor outside of Huntsville, Alabama. Although it’s small, the romantic home is equipped with brick floors and a jacuzzi tub.

36. Styled Interior

It all starts with a front door that’s the color of a Granny Smith apple, the bold accent sets the tone for this detail oriented Tiny Heirloom masterpiece.

37. Wooden Bungalow

This 204 square foot, neatly trimmed house is owned by two tiny house lovers, Brittany and Travis Pyke, who call it the Wind River Bungalow. The interior decor mimics the exterior colors and the cute porch adds extra living space.

38. Guest Friendly

This 319 foot, cabin like RV fits up to eight people and includes a queen size bedroom, full size kitchen, washing machine, flat screen TV, and even a fireplace.

39. Separate Studio

This tiny home located in Sag Harbor, New York, is just 600 square feet, and listed for an impressive $550,000. But if you’re an artist, it just might be your dream come true: There’s a separate studio that is basically everything a writer or painter could ever want for crafting their masterpieces.

40. Oceanside Retreat

If there was ever a place that proved that small space living doesn’t need to feel like a sacrifice, from the designers at Creative Cottages.

41. Silo Studio

Silo Studio cottage sits on four acres of land in the Berkshires. The tiny accommodation doesn’t have a kitchen, as it was formerly a sculptor’s summer studio.

42. Glass Filled Display

Made almost completely from salvaged materials, it took $10,000 and just four days to build the quirky 140-square-foot structure from a combination of reclaimed wood and recycled glass and windows.

43. Life On Water

For those who wish to live remotely, this Maine tiny home actually floats right in the middle of lake. Thanks to a bunch of key design elements (including styrofoam).

44. Handmade Touch

From the outside, this green home looks charming, sure, but it’s the inside that’s one of a kind, literally. The artist homeowners curated their newly built guest house on wheels with handmade items for the ultimate maker’s getaway.

45. Finnish Lake

Nicknamed the Nido, which is Italian for bird nest, the home is meant to blend into it’s natural surroundings. Designer Robin Falck prioritized the views and natural lighting with the help of the lake facing window that takes up almost the entire wall. Recycled materials added to the natural vibe and helped keep costs low.

46. Complete Seclusion

The architecture firm Snohetta created this completely remote cabin in Norway with escaping in mind. Built out of natural elements like rocks and grass, the home is not only secluded, but pratically dissapears into the landscape.

47. Space Saving Caravan

This tiny caravan, designed in Austria, is a stylishly curved tiny home. Among the most polished and practical we’ve seen, it’s design and storage ideas are totally worth adapting to your full size space.

48. Free To Roam

Andrew and Gabriella Morrison are tiny home conniseurs and can’t get enough of their 207 square foot, cozy trailer home. It’s parked on 5 acres they call their own, but of course, they’re free to roam whenever they please.

49. Elegant Cabin

Here’s big surprise, this tiny 400 square foot home is really a mobile RV model available for renting. High ceilings and its own deck make the space seem much larger than it is.

50. Historical SIgnificance

In addition to its charming size, the one-bed, one-bath (which recently hit market at a staggering $795,000) 780-square-foot Chicago tiny home had quite the remarkable place in history, too. It once served as an affordable

51. A Skier’s Haven

This 112 square foot cabin is everything its now sport enthusiast owners even wanted. And even though it’s small, the space also includes a guest bedroom.

52. Calm and Serene

It doesn’t cost much to spend the night in this Maryland retreat, probably because this minimalist little cabin’s designer made room for only the absolute must have items.

53. Weekend Getaway

It’s fitting that this West Virginia tiny home serves as a weekend-only home for the family that resides there — considering it lacks electricity and running water. Still, the remarkable country scenery makes the place a gem.

54. Western Charm

The United Kingdom is no stranger to its tiny homes, either, like the Sundance. Its wester theme truly brings you back to another time, but it also offers modern day, pretty aesthetics, like a lit garden path.

55. Tiny Farmhouse Style

The 192 square foot home is basically a darling, mini farmhouse. It features a lot of update yet rustic and charming features, and even with the lack of space, it contains a chic office.

56. Deceptively Large

Each of the tiny 20 by 8 feet cabins at Shepherds Hut Retreat contains three rooms, and a private deck.

57. Buried In Trees

You have to climb a large amount of steps just to get to it, but this Hawaiian 250 square-foot treehouse seems like a tiny house version of a home found in Tarzan.

58. Unique Shape

The form of this 400 square-foot home’s form was inspired by the local water towers of the farming Sacramento Valley area. It’s supported by large glulam beams, making it easy moveable.

59. Victorian Farmhouse

Another tiny Texas home, The Painted Lady is like a little girl’s dream Victorian doll house come to life. It’s only 12 by 26 feet, and features a roomy sleeping loft.

60. Harbinger

The Harbinger model is just one of the tiny homes that Tumbleweed Tiny House Company offers. The mini trailer is an adorable way to get around.

61. Smart Placement

Fifi O’Neill’s Sarasota, Florida, home comes in at only 1,375 square feet, but smart shelving and placement makes the space feel much larger.

62. KC 544

This 2-bedroom tiny home is another one one of the Katrina Cottages, complete with a spacious outdoor porch underneath the loft.

63. Living Roof

Proving that the tiny house tend has reached all corners of the globe, the most recent little home we’ve fallen in love with sits on the northern coast of Denmark.

64. Bright and Sunny

All of this home’s 308 square feet is wrapped in a yellow and warm shade. It is perfect for a two person family, and has one bedroom and one bathroom.

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